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Our practice offers a full range of health care services to the Harney County community.

10bet十博体育 accepts all insurance plans, including Medicare.


我们提供CDL体检! Space is limited — please call 541-573-2074 for an appointment well in advance. This service is not covered by insurance and payment will be required at the time of service.

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What can I do with MyChart?

• Send messages to your provider
• Request a referral to a specialist
• Request a renewal of current medications
• Request appointments at 10bet十博体育
• Complete most of the check-in process from home, 比如自付, verifying allergies and medications and completing questionnaires


7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Patient Financial 服务

Harney District Hospital provides a financial assistance program for its patients. This program may lend assistance in the form of adjustments or payment plans to help patients pay for hospital services.


10bet十博体育 provides a comprehensive range of services to keep patients of any age healthy. From prenatal to well child checks, immunizations to geriatric exams and everything in between, we take our role as the community’s health care provider very seriously. Meet our primary care providers!


If your care provider believes specialty services should be part of your health plan, we also provide an extensive visiting specialist program for your care needs, as well as behavioral health services.

Check out our visiting specialists!


Maintaining overall good health involves more than just addressing physical symptoms. It also requires looking at behavioral health and evaluating the mind-body-behavior connection. An integration of physical and behavioral health services at 10bet十博体育 means your primary care provider can refer you to help for issues such as depression, 失眠, 戒烟, and more — without even leaving the building.

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